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The Best Foods for Bad Breath

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Let’s talk about the best foods for bad breath.

Bad Breath Causes

One of the biggest problems with bad breath is  overgrowth of certain bacteria in your mouth in  your esophagus in your sinuses, it also could be  an overgrowth of yeast or even candida on your  tongue and these microbes actually live on  sugar, so one of the most important things  to do is to stop eating sugar, because  that way you can starve these guys and that  includes milk sugar, for milk products  now the absolute biggest problem and the  reason why people have this overgrowth  it starts with this right here antibiotics once  you have too many antibiotics you start to kill  off the good and you have this overgrowth  of the bad and so many people end up with  all sorts of chronic halitosis bad body odor  because of this right here now there are certain  conditions where your liver can be damaged  and you can have either a fruity musty odor  or kind of a ammonia type smelling breath that’s  a little different here’s here’s the best foods. 

Best Foods and remedies for Bad Breath

Chlorophyll Foods:

Though number one chlorophyll foods chlorophyll  is the green stuff in plants chlorophyll  is a natural deodorizer and when you consume  certain vegetables that are more bitter than  others like radish arugula kale endive dandelion  you actually have additional things that can  actually help your liver as well so you can kill  two birds one stone you can get the chlorophyll  as well as the phytonutrients to support the  liver.

Probiotic Foods:

Probiotic foods i would recommend not getting  your probiotics from like yogurt or kefir do it  non-dairy why because there’s a little bit of milk  sugar that can feed the yeast candida or bacteria  sauerkraut would be probably the best thing kimchi  would be good or fermented vegetables pickles  things like that you can even do kombucha tea and  even pickle juice actually can help you but the  more you can build up these friendly bacteria the  more you can kind of counter the effect of this.

Moderate Protien:

actually will help reduce the the unfriendly  bacteria don’t go crazy with too much protein  a lot of people who have bad breath  consume a tremendous amount of protein  a lot of carbs a lot of sugar and nothing with  chlorophyll okay you don’t want to do that you  want to do moderate protein just between maybe  three to six to seven maybe eight ounces per meal  of protein all right number four quality of food  very important especially if you want good breath  you want to have organic food you want to have  not commercial meats you want to have grass-fed  all of that is going to help you even let’s  let’s take for example uh salad dressing like  extra virgin olive oil versus soy oil or canola  oil way way way better so make sure we go for.


Quality on that as well mint tea spearmint tea  there’s a lot of different ones even green tea  that will greatly help someone if they’re  trying to overcome this bad breath situation.

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